ROOT REMEDY 1998 - 2014

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22.8. Romeo 1914 - Jokiravintola (Joensuu)

The Roots and The Remedies

The Blues is the root of all the western popular music based
on african-american cultural heritage. It is the ancestor of jazz, rock, soul, hip hop etc..
The Blues is also a remarkable link between the modern western civilication
and the very roots of the humankind itself. Our homeland: Mama Africa

 Passionate attitude of playing music and variable repertoire of songs will guarantee that there’ll be no dull moments in Root Remedy concert.
Music as an entertainment and a form of art, gives us oppotunity
to experience different emotions.

Especially the Blues, which in it`s simplicity is strongly based on
expression of feelings and which maintains it`s vitality by taking impulses
out of the very moment the music is performed.

Therefore a concert is somekind of modern version of ancient healing rituals
with music, dancing and sharing the feel of social unity.
Even the best concert may not cure any serious diseases
but it might make you feel a hell of a lot better.




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